"Life is full of surprises that are often right in front of us or just slightly to the left."

- Laura Gerry


Laura Gerry is a Contemporary Realist working predominantly in watermedia (watercolor, ink and liquid graphite) from her US, East Coast studio.  When she's not painting, she is exploring. 

Because of the narrative that she instills in her paintings, Laura has been described as a Visual Storyteller. 

Laura has lectured, taught workshops and has exhibited at various museums, art centers, galleries and fine art shows from the eastern seaboard to as far west as Kentucky and her paintings are included in numerous private collections.  

What is a Visual Storyteller?

My paintings are focused on something that I see within an object or a story that an image evokes.  Sometimes there is a song or a poem that plays over and over again in my mind while I work which also defines some aspect of the story.

I like to work in layers which build up like our perceptions, like society and life in general.  Often, these layers disclose additional narratives when the light is just right.

Regardless of whether my subjects are mannequinstoys or found objects, most of what I am drawn to has had a life of its own.  I love the unique qualities inherent in things that have been touched and turned and are weathered or worn.  They certainly have the best stories to tell ;)

Lets Connect

Have an idea, a special request or would you like to talk about a specific painting? Reach out, I'd love to connect with you! 

You can get in touch with me via text, email or by using my contact form to discuss art, the price of a painting or life in general.

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